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[012] tomorrow’ll be just another manic monday.

Just kidding, I sure hope not. I need to go through a manic phase like I need another hole in the head.

“I’m a Dude” by Less Than Jake got stuck in my head and it reminded me that they made that new Good Burger movie a couple months ago. I feel like I should watch it but I’m sure I’ll forget about it again by the time I wake up, long covid brain will do that.

It’s been about a week and a half since the cat got neutered and despite some oops moments that scared him, he’s stayed pretty chill and cuddly. I don’t know if it was raging hormones that made him so angry and fighty before or what, but the way things are now is so much better. He’s still biting a bit, but it’s not vicious like it was and seems more like a knee-jerk reaction before his brain kicks in. He did manage to jump on the kitchen counter today though, I forgot that’s a thing that cats do til it came up in conversation yesterday. Meh.

I’m making this post with my phone. It’s actually surprisingly easy to type a lot of words by using the stylus to swipe type. Having more screen real estate helps too. My old phone has a big screen but couldn’t adjust the display scale as much as this new one can. So much more fits without scrolling.

Tomorrow I have to read the documents I got from the vendor who will be handling my short term disability post-op in April. I got it Monday of last week but had no energy at all to even open it. I need that 4 week break so fucking bad.

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